Article provide complete overview of ServiceNow Workflow i.e. what is workflow in ServiceNow, how to create workflow and how to make workflow Inactive and Reset Active in ServiceNow

What is ServiceNow Workflow?

I believe we all have heard about processes in ServiceNow applications such as incident management, problem management, knowledge management, agile development, portfolio management etc. But how all these processes get implemented or automated into ServiceNow applications.

So, here comes workflow servicenow into picture and answer is a Workflow. So, the Workflow is the sequence of activities which is used to automate the processes in applications.

For example:  We all know about SLA attached to incident record. So, when we work on incident then SLA status gets automatically changed on specific interval of time along with other SLA values. From this example, I want to say that a specific SLA is created and attached for SLA end to end cycle. 

There are lots of example. Which say when we have to automate the process or wants that each step runs automatically other then of manual intervention, then we create SLA for the same.

So, now the questions come that how to create workflow in servicenow.

How to Create Workflow in ServiceNow?

There are lots of activities which performed different-different tasks. Example of task like send emails, set values, timer, approval, run script, end activity, begin activity, If, notifications, approval action and there are lot more other activities too.

These required activities blocks are connected by lines to follow execution paths or to automate the applications processes. Below image of workflow editor interface will provide you some brief on this:

The Workflow servicenow starts with Begin Activity block and ends with End activity block and other activities are comes in between begin and end activities as displayed in above image. 

How to Make a Workflow Inactive and Reset Active in ServiceNowHow we can make service catalog item and its workflow inactive in ServiceNow and how we can again set its workflow active in ServiceNow. 

Deactivate Catalog Item in Service
So to proceed, lets take an example or use case to get better idea, Lets say we got a requirement to inactive the existing catalog item. We know that there is checkbox in catalog item i.e. active checkbox, through which we can make catalog item active and inactive, but doing only that is not a complete process. So, to inactive the catalog item completely we also have to perform below activities:
1. We have to Inactive the associated SLA’s.2. We have to Inactive the associated Workflow.3. We have to check if there is dependency or any sought of thing etc.4. And at last we have to make the catalog item inactive.
So here in this article we are only talking about that how we can set the Workflow inactive and active in ServiceNow.
Set Workflow Inactive in ServiceNowSo, below are the steps to set ServiceNow Workflow Inactive:
1. Type Workflow Editor in left side filter navigator.2. Under Workflow you will get the module Workflow Editor, click on the link.3. Type the name of the Workflow you want to deactivate in right side filter workflows section.4. Your typed workflow will get filtered, click on the workflow name.5. If you workflow is published, click on three vertical line icon available on the top left side of editor.6. Click on checkout and checkout the workflow first.7. Now again click on three vertical line icon, now you will find the option Set Inactive as displayed in the image below. Click on Set Inactive.8. And in the last, you have to again Publish the workflow so that changes will be reflected to the users.

Set Workflow active in ServiceNow:Inactive workflow will not be displayed in workflow editor window because for workflows there are lots of tables in ServiceNow.
So, below are the steps to find the workflow and then set the workflow active.1. Type Workflow versions on the left side filter navigator.2. Under Workflow -> Administration section you will find the option Workflow versions, click on the same.3. Filter All workflows, by clicking on All link or you can filter the same.4. Type the name of workflow in Name search box5. Your workflow will get displayed in the list view, sort it with created and click on the latest record (i.e. latest entry of you workflow).6. Click on Show Workflow link available in the Related link section at the bottom.7.  Click on three vertical line icon available on the top left side of editor and click on active Set Active link.
In this way you can activate workflow in ServiceNow.

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