The ITSM system is updating, however Information Tech specialists are struggling to coping up with similar incident and fixing them over and over again. In this clause, we explore problem management within the framework of ServiceNow.
A Problem is nothing but which is created from one or more similar incident.
Problem Management prevents problems and ensuing incidents from happening, eliminates continual incident, and minimizes the impact of incident that can’t be prevented. 
Let’s consider a situation: an employee could not access the SAP Application. Employee created an incident, which IT specialists soon fixed. A daily workaround was restored, but meter was doomed. The aftermath could have been  worse: for example, the employee had to prepare a report for a management meeting, or make an informed decision based on the data from the system, etc. The next morning, and everyday, everything repeated again, and not only with this employee, but with some of the colleagues as well. 
This example gives a transparent idea of how the situation develops if the corporate practices solely incident management. Besides, if Information Tech specialists have ano. of incidents as their KPI, they may specialize in process the incidents, while not making an attempt to spot and fixing the root causes.
It goes without saying that incident management is vital. However, the power to outline the root cause through structured problem analysis followed by documenting solutions and workarounds within the knowledge base permits resolution deeper problems consistently. This means that problem management helps to cutdown the no. of incidents, which improves workflow potency. 
In addition to a reactive approach, once IT specialists identify and aim to unravel the problems resulting to the incidents that have already happened, a proactive approach is also possible. In alternate words, problem management permits shaping and resolving a problem well in beforehand, before it causes any incident. 

Problem Definitions

  • Known Error is outlined as a problem with a documented root cause and workaround 
  • Workaround is tentative resolution or temporary fix that permits the related incidents to be resolved even though a permanent solution has not yet been identified and implemented.
  • Root Cause  is that the underlying reason why the problem occurred. 
  • A solution is a permanent fix that will address the Root Cause and stop this same failure from occurring again


ITIL problem management is a way beyond incident management. The problem management aims to manage the life cycle of problems. Thanks to problem management, because the corporate gains such benefits as increased efficiency, minimized negative effects and enhanced user satisfaction. Additionally, the process allows a proactive approach, aimed towards preventing incidents. Although some problem management challenges exist, for instance, investing additional efforts, binding incidents to a problem and identifying when to create a problem, ServiceNow provides the capabilities to unravel them.

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