A Knowledge article is a record in a knowledge base that provides information to users. A knowledge articles can be a policy, self-help tips, troubleshooting and resolution steps.

Knowledge management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It enables organization to make best use of information which can improve the efficiency in different areas.

Knowledge Base is a kind of bucket or grouping of articles as per the category of information for a specific department or team.

Knowledge Management application in ServiceNow enables the sharing of information in knowledge bases. These knowledge bases contain articles that provides users with information.

Features of SNow Knowledge Management

  1. Integration with Service Portal – Advanced UI which allows users to search, browse and view articles from their desktop or mobile.
  2. Knowledge demand insights – Improve self-service and case resolution by automatically identifying and visualizing knowledge gaps using machine learning and assigning gaps to authors for resolution.
  3. In-context knowledge creation – Increase knowledge relevance by empowering agents and employees to capture knowledge articles in context during work processes, such as case or incident management.
  4. Knowledge feedback management- Continuously improve organizational knowledge with an actionable, out-of-the-box, closed loop feedback process to act on customer and internal user feedback.
  5. Knowledge harvesting – Crowdsource knowledge and convert unstructured conversations into  structured knowledge by harvesting new knowledge articles from solutions in active and engaged communities.
  6. Article Versioning – Create multiple versions of knowledge articles, track changes to updated articles, compare two versions of an article, and revert content to an older published version of an article.
  7. Automated Approvals – Automate approvals before article is published to be viewed by users.
  8. Analytics and Dashboards – Monitor knowledge base and article utilization, publishing timelines, article aging. user feedback, and knowledge gaps to fine-tune your knowledge base content and publishing processes. 

Benefits of SNow Knowledge Management

  1. Increase user satisfaction
  2. Promote knowledge sharing
  3. Increase organization’s Efficiency

Knowledge Application 

ServiceNow provides and application to create categorize review and approve articles. The name of the application is knowledge. So this is the application and it features are designed as per the standard knowledge management process. Storing of articles, configuration of a articles, quality of articles, feedback of articles are managed by this application.

Activate Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management application is activated by default. It is part of ITSM Suite provided by ServiceNow. You need to activate additional features of knowledge management via plugins, these are additional plugins which can be used to enable additional features provided by ServiceNow. It is up to organizations what feature they want to enable as per the process they have for knowledge Management.

Plugins for Additional Features

  •  Knowledge Management Advanced Installer
  • Knowledge Management Advanced
  • Predictive Intelligence for Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Document
  • Knowledge Management – External Content Integration
  • Knowledge Management Wiki Support
  • Performance Analytics – Content Pack -Knowledge Management



Knowledge Management Process Flow

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